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chicken sausage

 Making special chicken sausages is an interesting thing, especially if you are learning to cook. It is a delicious recipe and is actually easy to prepare. All you need is to grind the chicken, add some spices, stuff it inside the casings, then grill it and enjoy it with the family for dinner.

How to make chicken sausage


  • Two kilograms of boneless chicken.
  • Two tablespoons of salt.
  • 2 teaspoons of black pepper.
  • One teaspoon of thyme.
  • One teaspoon of ginger powder.
  • 6 grams of sugar, which equals one teaspoon.
  • A quarter cup of powdered milk.
  • 2 grams of ground nutmeg, equivalent to one teaspoon.
  • 5 grams or 1 teaspoon each of garlic powder and onion powder.
  • A cup of cold chicken broth.
  • 32 pieces of covers.

How to prepare sausage

  • We start by preparing the wrappers, then leave them to soak in water for at least an hour, as this step makes the wrappers soft.
  • Then we remove the bones from the chicken, wash it and cut it into small cubes.
  • Put the chicken pieces into the chopper, and mix well.
  • Then add the salt and all the spices to the chicken broth and stir until dissolved.
  • Then add this mixture to the minced chicken and grind again, this time using the fine chopper.
  • Then we stuff the minced chicken into the casings, using a meat drill so that the amount is appropriate.
  • Please leave 2 inches, then we make a knot so you can tie the wrap, and so on until we're done with the wrap, you also have to prick the wrap to remove the air inside.
  • With this chicken sausage ready, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator for an hour before using it.
  • You can also keep it in the refrigerator for three to five days, but if you want to keep it for a longer period, you can put it in the freezer, and the storage period is up to four months.

How to make a chicken sausage sandwich

the components

  • Chicken sausage or sausage.
  • bread.
  • Thin slices of tomato.
  • Two tablespoons of oil.
  • Pickle.
  • One and a half cups of shredded cabbage.
  • A cup of shredded carrots.
  • Two teaspoons of salt.
  • One teaspoon of sugar.
  • Four tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Processing method

  • First we prepare the cabbage salad, or what it is called a Swiss salad.
  • Add the cabbage, carrots, salt, mayonnaise, and sugar, and stir well until combined.
  • Then we leave it on the side until the sausages are ready.
  • Put two tablespoons of oil in a frying pan and let it heat up, then fry the chicken sausages in it until it takes on a reddish color.
  • Then we remove it from the oil and place it on tissues to absorb the oil.
  • We open the bread and put a layer of cabbage salad, then put the pickled cucumber and tomato slices, and then add fingers of sausage, and serve it well.

Certainly, after reading this article, you will find that how to make chicken sausage at home is not difficult, if you want to spend time in the kitchen making a delicious meal and present it to your children and husband.


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