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Taste the delicious fruit salad with cream by following these steps

  If you are looking for a delicious summer dessert with a delicious taste, try a fruit salad with cream and you will definitely love it, as it consists of various types of fruits, each of which adds a distinctive taste, follow the preparation method, the only thing that takes a long time is the stage of cutting the fruit After that, we mix the fruits together by adding the cream so that within minutes it is ready.

Creamy Fruit Salad


  • Ten fresh strawberries.
  • Two bananas.
  • A piece of kiwi.
  • Half of a red apple.
  • Small green apple.
  • Half a cup of orange slices.
  • A cup only a quarter of pineapple pieces.
  • A large cup of condensed milk.
  • A cup of cream.
  • Three tablespoons of chocolate sauce.
  • Two tablespoons of white honey.
  • Fingers of Kit Kat biscuits.

How to prepare

  • In the first step, we wash all kinds of fruits, then remove the green peel from the strawberries and cut them into thin slices.
  • Peel the banana and cut it into thin slices. 
  • Then we cut the apples into small cubes.
  • In a large bowl, put all the fruits and add ½ cup of condensed milk to it.
  • Then put the honey and stir all the fruits together, then prepare the serving dishes.
  • After that, we pour a quantity of fruit salad, and on top, we put the cream and distribute a spoonful of chocolate sauce and a spoon of condensed milk.
  • Decorate fruit plates with Kit Kat fingers and serve.

Fruit salad with cream and ice cream

the components

  • Two cups of strawberry slices.
  • One and a half cups of apple slices.
  • Three sliced ​​bananas.
  • A cup of pineapple pieces.
  • Two mangoes cut into cubes.
  • Whole pomegranate.
  • A glass of orange juice.
  • Two tablespoons of syrup.
  • Three tablespoons of “Al Nestah” condensed milk.
  • Four tablespoons of cream.
  • 4 bowls of ice cream.
  • Chocolate sauce.
  • Chantilly cream.

How to prepare

  • In a large bowl, put the orange juice and add the syrup, then stir until dissolved.
  • After that we put all the amount of fruit and stir until they mix with each other, this juice helps to preserve the fruit.
  • Prepare a serving bowl and put an amount of fruit in it, and on top of the ice cream balls.
  • Then we put a layer of cream, then put the Chantilly cream in a pastry bag and decorate the face with it.
  • Then we distribute the chocolate sauce and decorate it with pieces of fruit and pieces of chocolate.

Creamy Fruit Salad is a delicious recipe that you can enjoy with family and friends. There is nothing better than eating this dessert in the summer.


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